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 How to Fund Your Live Account

There are three possible payment methods you can use in order to fund your PIPSFX account. You will need to first sign into PIPSFX, then click the deposit button in order fund your account. There will be three payments options offered:

  1. Credit card online

This is the fastest option on offer. It allows instant funding into your account. In order to deposit using your credit card, all you need to do is select it as your preferred means of depositing, then submit the accompanying deposit form. Only international credit cards are approved for depositing in this manner.

$100 and $5,000 are the minimum / maximum deposit and withdrawal limits respectively via credit card.

  1. Bank Draft

From when the bank draft is received to when the money appears in your account, please allow up to five working business days.

  1. Wire Transfer

To conduct a wire transfer, it is a requirement that you fill out the wire transfer form at your bank. Also, the minimum deposit amount is $10000 USD only for a wire transfer, so if you want to deposit less than that, we ask that you use an alternative payment method or talk with a representative. The following information is required on your wire transfer form:

From the receipt of your wire transfer to the bank approval of your payment, it may take up to an additional five business days. The funds will be added to your account and you will be notified by email once they are approved.
How to withdraw funds from your account

It is simple to withdraw funds from your PIPSFX account. Our “No questions, same day” policy is important to us, and we keep to it.

You can withdraw funds from your PIPSFX trading account via bank transfer. However, you can withdraw funds either by bank transfer, or ask for your funds to be delivered to the same payment account you originally deposited from if you deposited funds using an alternative payment method.n

In order to make a withdrawal you need to:

  • Log in to your account in the client area and submit a withdrawal request online.
  • We will take care of your withdrawal as soon as we get the request. After that, we are going to send the money to the account which you made the deposit from. Varying on where your bank is situated, the transaction can take about 5 days to be fully processed and completed. Usually, though, it takes less.

Important notes:

  • A refund of the money back to the cards you originally deposited with is provided by PIPSFX.
  • Profits (additional funds) you withdraw will be wired to a bank account of your choosing that is in your name.
  • Back charges might be applied and taken from your withdrawal.

If you have any queries about funding your Live Account, please contact a PIPSFX trading representative.

For Further Information

Please leave your information, and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly.


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